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Camille Décoste

Image 1 Below is a list of available Joomla extensions that are made by IceTheme and and modified and enhanced to suit the layout and look of this Joomla Template. All Joomla extensions that are listed below below are found on the Template Package that is provided on our download section on IceTheme website.

In case that you have any questions regarding our extensions please use our Forums to get help immediately!

Extensions (2 New)

For this Professional Joomla Template we have made two new extension. The new IceShare plugin will gives your website lots of extra traffic from social websites and the new IceCaption module gives you the possibility to put articles from a category to a limited space in a nice and clever way.

All the extensions founded on the list below may be used with other Joomla Templates as they are released for FREE with GPL license. For more information please Contact Us

IceShare Plugin

IceShare Plugin

With the IceShare plugin you have the possibly to dramatically increase your social circle by letting your users submit your stories on their preferred social websites like FaceBook, Twitter, Yahoo, Digg etc. The benefits for this plug-in are enormous as the traffic that is generated from the social websites may not only be higher but as well relevant.

This plugin may float on the left or the right of the page and is on the user point of view which may be very easy to submit the news. Also this submission is done dynamically without page-load which make your user happy as he dont have to leave current page.

IceShare Page

IceCaption module

IceCaption Module

Publishing information in a way that is both easy and that triggers your user is not that easy as it sound. That is why we at IceTheme have created the IceCaption module, which job is to Deliver information in an easy and clever way within a small area.

So this module is perfect when you have a set of information that you want your users want to absorb but only if they are interested to.

IceCaption Page

IceAccordion Module

IceTabs Module

IceAccordion is a simple yet powerful module based on the popular Mootools library. It can display a set of article in an accordion way. It should be used when the vertical space is limited and you have a large number of articles. As all our modules, IceAccordion is accessible and usable, mean that if in any case Javascript is disabled on the user's browser the articles are displayed normally without any problem.

The IceAccordin Module is redistributed under the GPL license, so is free for use but note also that for all our Joomla Extensions we provide support from our Forums

IceAccordion Page

IceTabs Module

IceTabs Module

IceTabs module marks another immense milestone at IceTheme. We can say without any single doubt that this module is one of the best ever built Joomla Extensions by our club and also on all the Joomla! market as well. But... why?!

First let's describe what is the scope of the IceTab module.

IceTab module can display any content/banner/images/K2/VirtueMart information with a smooth and nice interface based on the tabular interface. So to describe more clearly, you may display your Joomla content and this is the primary scope of this module but you may easily use it to be a image gallery by switching to the "image" mode. Also you may use to display content from the popular K2 extension an to display products from the VirtueMart extension. The IceTab module is bult-in all parameters needed so that you have the possibility to adjust perfectly in the way you like..

IceTabs Page


IceSpeed Module

IceSpeed Module

IceSpeed Plugin decrease the loading time of your website by compressing, optimizing, merging CSS and JavaScript on your website. With this powerful plugin your website will dramatically decrease the loading time as all CSS and JavaScriopt will be compressied and/or merged. Also you may go one step further and enable Gzip compression technology which can reduce even more the loading time. The other great part of the plugin is the ability to control at your hands the page cache and the browser cache with the parameters. Words are useless to describe how powerful this plugin can be on your website

IceSpeed Page


IceMenu Module

IceMenu Module

The new powerful IceMenu module is one our best Joomla Extensions ever built. It has all the parameters needed to be set up perfectly as your project require it. As you probably as see on our demo, the IceMenu module can be divided in 3 instances, one with dropdown, with accordion and also a feature that we have added recently is the ability to display the VirtueMart categories both in the dropdown and also on the accordion. The 2 menu instances are enhanced with the MooTools 1.1 giving your users the professionalism that your website deserve.

Also, another great feature about the IceMenu module is the ability to load a module inside the dropdown or the accordion for each of the menu instances.

Other Extensions featured in this Joomla Template

The Joomla Extensions below are not made by IceTheme, but they are featured in this template. They are all distributed under the GPL license

  • JCommments Extension
  • PixSearch Module
  • JW Latest Tweets

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